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Doing Business in Liechtenstein

Forms of Business Organisation

Company Limited by Shares

(a) General
EU-Law is applicable. Therefore, the legislation regarding companies limited by shares is not substantially different from other EEA-countries or EU-countries. Depending on the size of the company, different obligations exist regarding annual accounts, publications etc.

(b) Authorisation Required
Offshore companies need no authorisation. Onshore companies depending on their intended activity either have to obtain a permit or solely are obliged to inform the competent government authority which business they commence.

(c) Name
Basically, any name may be used unless the same or a very similar name has already been registered in the Public Register. A company name must contain at least three letters.

(d) Availability of Companies
The formation and registration of a company limited by shares is basically possible within one week.

(e) Share Capital
The capital of a company limited by shares must be paid up to at least 20 per cent and at least CHF 50,000 in cash or contributed assets.

(f) Shares
The shares may be bearer or registered shares. Bearer shares, however, may only be issued if and when the full nominal value of the shares has been paid up.

(g) Increase in Capital
The capital needed for the increase may be paid in as cash or as assets by the old and possibly new shareholders or be furnished from the company’s own resources.

(h) Reduction in Capital
A repayment or reduction of the share capital on account of losses may only be carried out when the liquidation balance-sheet shows that the liabilities are covered by the assets.

(i) Shareholders
A company limited by shares may be formed by two or more persons who may be either individuals or corporations. The shareholders do not have any other obligation than the paying in of the share capital. The person(s) acting as founder-shareholder(s) may also be wholly or partly trustee(s). Shareholders do not need to be recorded in the Public Register.

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