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Liechtenstein Transportations


There is 9.5 km of railway, connecting Austria and Switzerland through Liechtenstein. The country's railways are administered by the Austrian Federal Railways as part of the route between Feldkirch, Austria and Buchs SG, Switzerland. Four stations in Liechtenstein, namely Schaan-Vaduz, Forst Hilti, Nendeln and Schaanwald, are served by an irregularly stopping train service running between Feldkirch and Buchs. While EuroCity and other long distance international trains also make use of the route, these do not call at Liechtenstein stations.

In 2007, there were some 380 km of paved roadways. A major highway runs through the principality, linking Austria and Switzerland. Postal buses are the chief means of public transportation both within the country and to Austria and Switzerland. A tunnel, 740 m in length, connects the Samina River Valley with the Rhine River Valley.

The nearest airport is in Zürich, Switzerland. There is a small heliport at Balzers in Liechtenstein available for charter helicopter flights.


Pipelines :
gas 20 km (2007)

Railways :
9.5 km 1.435-m gauge (electrified)
note: belongs to the Austrian Railway System connecting Austria and Switzerland (2006)

Roadways :
total: 380 km
paved: 380 km (2007)

Waterways :
28 km (2006)




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